About Big Dumb Fun Games

Big Dumb Fun Games is a start-up indie games development business.


My name is Mark Christopher and I am Big Dumb Fun Games' game designer and—right now—sole developer.

With SALVAGE, I wanted to make a horror game that pays homage to some of the great genre stories upon which I grew up. I hope I have done the genre justice with SALVAGE and that you will play through several times, enjoying the new and exciting experience each play-through provides.


I see SALVAGE's replayability as key to its value proposition, and I hope you will agree.


I hope you will check back frequently—here on the store page, or on SALVAGE's Discussions forums—for progress updates and news. Please also feel free to follow me on Facebook and Twitter.


If you want to contribute more actively to SALVAGE's development, I will be haunting the Steam Discussion forums as much as possible to gather your ideas, feedback and suggestions, and to answer your questions as best I can.

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