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INTRODUCING INSTADUNGEON™ Fantasy 3D All-in-OneShot™ AdventureS Featuring
INSTADUNGEON: Quick & Easy to Use Single-Piece TERRAIN Tiles for Your Tabletop DUNGEON CRAWLS!

INSTADUNGEON 3D All-in-Oneshot

True 3D tabletop environments


Embark on thrilling adventures with our 3D All-in-OneShot sets and ignite your imagination with true 3D environments!

The first all-inclusive 5e adventure for INSTADUNGEON™ Fantasy

After years of producing digital products for 3D printing enthusiasts, the team at Big Dumb Fun Games has now created our first PHYSICAL product: an all-inclusive one-shot 5e adventure—that features select tiles from our INSTADUNGEON Fantasy range of integrated, single-piece terrain tiles—to make running the adventure as easy as possible for DMs new and old.

Build your dungeon quickly with the INSTADUNGEON™ system

If you're like us, you love a good, highly detailed 3D dungeon for your tabletop games—but you don't have the time it takes to build every single room and corridor yourself.

You want dungeon tiles you can grab out of a box, place on your table and be ready for dungeon-delving straight away!

The INSTADUNGEON system allows you to quickly and progressively build your dungeon—even in real-time as you're playing.

Tiles can be quickly combined (with as many other tiles from the INSTADUNGEON series as you own) to create an epic dungeon for your players to explore.

Every detail has been painstakingly worked by our artists, who have also designed the tiles to ensure repetition of patterns are minimized as much as possible on each miniature/model in the INSTADUNGEON series.

Made to order

Each set is made-to-order. When you purchase your 3D All-in-OneShot Adventure Set, our 3D delivery team springs into action, 3D printing and assembling the components and materials required for your epic journey. This process takes approximately two weeks. Once complete, we carefully package and ship your Adventure Set straight to your door—ready to transport you to a world of excitement!



The INSTADUNGEON system's tiles come as a single piece, with no need to construct each tile or glue fiddly pieces into place before you can use them. Just grab the INSTADUNGEON tiles you want, and you're ready to go!



The INSTADUNGEON system follows suit with the "puzzle-style" interconnections that board games have used for decades. This allows its tiles to be quickly connected together to maximize your gaming time.



Each tile is 3D printed as a single piece of plastic, with all features already part of the tile (i.e., fully integrated), so there is no work to do before you can use the tile in your games! And, being fully integrated, you don't need to worry about losing parts of the tile when storing them away!



A third-dimension doesn't just look better than a flat 2D battle map—it provide new opportunities that you can exploit in your game play and storytelling. For example, if a player miniature's base was not sitting flush with the ground because of rocks or other debris in the square, a cunning GM could make this a feature of game play by requiring the character to pass a test of dexterity—or suffer a rolled ankle!

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